Q. Guidelines for Carrying medicines with travelers to Egypt for personal use.

General Guidelines:

There are rules about bringing medicines into Egypt. Many medicines can be brought with you into Egypt as long as they are for personal use. Some require a

permit and others cannot be brought with you at all.

The pharmacy law no. 127 issued in 1956 and Anti-narcotics law no. 182 issued in 1960, regulate the importation of medicines (narcotics, psychotropic, general &

aby controlled medicine) to Egypt.

Majority of medicines which are used worldwide are available in community pharmacies & hospitals in Egypt.

Ensure the medicine remains in its original package with the dispensing label intact, in order to assist with identifying each substance at the border.

Any personal medicines carried by travelers will be subjected to the section by the Ministry of Health Inspectors Customs department at the port of entry in Egypt.

Requirements may change so please remember to check our website

http://www.eda.mohp.gov.eg each time before you travel.


Rules and Regulations for personal carrying of:

a) Narcotic & psychotropic medications:

Any pharmaceutical preparation contains any drugs or substances listed in schedules 1 & 3 (a, b & d) of the Anti – narcotic law no. 182 issued in 1960, cannot be carried by travelers to Egypt, even if their use is permitted in the country of departure (Annex 1)

b) Prescription Medicines (other than those medicines listed in the previous paragraph)

It is permitted to carry maximum quantities sufficient for 3 months consumption according to signed medical report and prescription with clarifying doses.

c) OTC Drugs and Dietary Supplement products

It is permitted carry with maximum quantities sufficient for 3 months consumption, and must be presented in pharmaceutical dosage form.

d) Veterinary products

It is permitted to carry products with responsible quantities used to treat pets,

e) Cosmetic products

It is permitted to carry products with reasonable quantities are subjected to reduction according to duration of stay.


Prohibited Products:

1) Pesticides.

2) Electronic Cigarettes

3) Products with misleading medical claims as (weight Loss Pads/ Burn Body Fat Pads/ Detoxification Pads/ Products with sexual claims/ others).


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