Embassy Contacts


The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Kingdom of Sweden and Non-resident to the Republic of Latvia

Tel: 084599860




The Consular Section of the Egyptian Embassy

    Opening Hours: by appointments

   16:00 for retrieval of consular errands

Tel: 084599860 - 084599875


(For Visa or Consular inquiries. Replies will be received within three working days)
(هذا البريد مخصص للإستفسارات الخاصة بتأشيرات الدخول والخدمات القنصلية. يتم اعطاء الأولوية للسادة المواطنين المصريين)

Please note: Phone Calls can be received daily (Except on weekends and official holidays)

Voice Messages can be replied to within the next 24 hours

Emergency phone number for Egyptian citizens only

رقم الطوارئ للجالية المصرية فقط

073 75 90 6 99