Commercial Legalization Procedure


Please read the following steps before submitting a document for legalization to the Consular Section at the Embassy:

1. Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoice, and all other commercial documents need to be authenticated by either:

  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and/or
  • Chamber of Commerce before being sent to the Egyptian Consulate.
  • Authentification must be done with original seals; any electronic stamps/signatures will be rejected.

2. The Commercial power of attorneys need to be authenticated by:

  • The Notary Public and
  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, before being legalized at the Egyptian Consulate.
  • The translated documents will have to be authenticated as well.

3. You may send in the documents by Recommended Post or personally at the CONSULAR SECTION.

4. Duration of time:

- Documents that are handed in personally to the consular section for the process of legalization require 3 - 4 business days.

- Documents that are sent via Registered mail to the consular section for the process of legalization require 1 week to 10 days.

5. PLEASE NOTE! all sales contracts authenticated at the Chamber of Commerce will be charged by a percentile-based on the value of the product.

Please include the following:

  • The original document that needs to be legalized plus one photocopy for the Consulate
  • Fee: 1475 SEK per document
  • Fees will be collected for the original and for the translated document.

MAILED DOCUMENTS: Please provide a self-addressed, stamped, and recommended (REK) envelope for the return of the documents;

We also strongly suggest that the documents are sent in a similar manner in order to assure their arrival at the consular section. The Embassy will not be held responsible for any loss of documents sent by regular mail or post.